Bayesian statistics and clinical trial conclusions: Why the OPTIMSE study should be considered positive

Statistical approaches to randomised controlled trial analysis The statistical approach used in the design and analysis of the vast majority of clinical studies is...

Latest in the war against p-values

P-values are Public Enemy Number 1 for many statisticians. Stats bloggers, such as Andrew Gelman, rant frequently with justification about p-value abuse in published...

House of God and bile leak after liver resection

While death after liver resection is reported at ever lower levels, complication rates remain stubbornly high. Morbidity is associated with longer intensive care and...
Annals of Surgery

Considerations in the Early Termination of Clinical Trials in Surgery

One of the most difficult situations when running a clinical trial is the decision to terminate the trial early. But it shouldn’t be a...

GlobalSurg protocol published

Very pleased to to announce that the GlobalSurg protocol has just been published in BMJ Open. As well as this, the study was registered...
ClinicalTrials.gov front page

Investigator contact details should continue to be available after completion of clinical trials

Why oh why does the National Library for Medicine remove investigator contact details from clinicaltrials.gov after completion of a trial. We need to contact...

Adverse outcomes demand clear justification when introducing new surgical procedure

The introduction of new surgical procedures is fraught with difficulty. Determining that a procedure is safe to perform while surgeons are still learning how...

GlobalSurg recruitment starting soon

I’m excited to be involved in an enthusiastic young collaborative called GlobalSurg. Research in surgery has been a predominately first world affair and it...


54937 people died In Scotland in 2012. Here’s how. Click to enlarge.
Pablo Picasso - Death of Harlequin. http://cultured.com

Life expectancy of acute hospital inpatients

I liked the study published this week by David Clark and Christopher Isles. On 31st March 2010 there were 10,743 inpatients in 25 Scottish...